Be. Focused.

With the year winding down and the Holidays fast approaching us, it has certainly led me to reflect on what this year has brought me personally, but also what has it brought humanity. All of us together are finding our way to coexist and respect opposing views. You may think I’m only talking about politics,… Continue reading Be. Focused.

Faithful Goosebumps

This story may especially resonate with my Pentecostal/Charismatic brothers and sisters much more than the general public.  The last few weeks have been so busy!  Summer has set in (thank God no polar vortex anytime soon), Twin Cities Pride has past, and plans for more upcoming events are in my scope.  On the flipside it… Continue reading Faithful Goosebumps


Whether we think about it or not we make several choices each day.  Some tend to be very simple and require nearly no thought.  For example; What TV show should I watch? What should I wear? Should I walk or run? What should I have for dinner?  These choices don’t have a lot of influence… Continue reading Decisions


“You’ve got personality!”  How many of us have heard this from friends, spouses, significant others, family, Co-workers? I don’t know about you, but when I hear this phrase, I guess I tend to read way to much into it.  Is that a good thing? What’s your motive behind saying that? Am I supposed to thank… Continue reading Personalities

New Challenges

I’ve spent the past two weeks thinking about the birth of this page.  For those closest to me know, it’s been some of the most challenging weeks of my life.  On top of the new year and all the required “reflections” of 2015, I step back and actually celebrate and smile what I have accomplished… Continue reading New Challenges