New Challenges

I’ve spent the past two weeks thinking about the birth of this page.  For those closest to me know, it’s been some of the most challenging weeks of my life.  On top of the new year and all the required “reflections” of 2015, I step back and actually celebrate and smile what I have accomplished in the past year.

Where I’ve come from and who I’ve become is only furthering my belief that God is truly with us, and that He meets us where we are.  Through the great times and the difficult times, I have time and time again found myself back in His presence; reflecting, praying, and at times crying.

As I’ve met with many friends over the last few weeks, one thing became clear, I am unique!  When it comes to my life’s experiences, beliefs, and challenges that I have faced, I often times find myself confused and lonely.  Well not anymore!  I am turning a new leaf.  I refuse any longer to sit silent and not share my story.

In the Spring of last year, I dreamed about this moment that I could share with anyone who popped upon this site, but I was so scared of judgement, rejection, and fear of the unknown.  Well, that time has passed and I am ready to be a voice of strength for many hiding in dark, confusing and depressing times.  I was there myself for quite some time, and pray every day that others don’t feel that same fear and loneliness.

I look forward to the comments and the responses to all who read, and am excited to live my life out loud.  Not in attempts to be bashful or hurting, nor judgmental or righteous.  But simply to add my voice to the many other ones of the world, and give an alternative response.

I believe God has equipped me over the past 8 years, of refining over and over again, preparing for this moment.  At times reading (and quite honestly typing) what you see may be awkward and uncomfortable, but this is life.  I simply believe they are the same questions and thoughts that many who will see this think every day.  Please join this journey with me.



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